mandag 26. april 2010

04.03 pm and I'm going to the gym

Hello everyone! I posted a video earlier today, but it's just talking. Anyway, I'm going to the gym soon. Or the bus leave 05.40 am and isn't that early, I don't know what early is!!! Almost in the middle of the night. What a psycho I'm! hahah. My motivation is on top and I really wanna do this now. I'm 100% sure that I'm gonna make it this time. and if I have you guy's to follow and support me, things will be great! Fucking greeat! I'm so glad that you will follow and support me. And thanks for all the comments and subbing :D


On my way to the gym

This is my first day in two weeks at the gym. Today I'm gonna work my ass off! Hehe. The bus is about to leave 13.10 am. Just 15 minutes left!! It take me 10 minutes to go to the bus, So I better hurry up now. Bye! And yeah, thanks for those who subscribes me on youtube and leave comments! I'm very greatfull for that! Thanks again and wish me good luck at the gym. See you soon : )

lørdag 24. april 2010

Todays thin inspo


Watch me shrink - day 2

This has been a long and tedious day. Have not done anything special. My mom made homemade pizza for dinner. I could not skip the dinner today, because I love homemade pizza. At least my mum's. I have also been eaten some chocolate biscuits. Omg, I'm so stupid. I should not have eaten the biscuits, but let go this time. I've also been drinking a lot of pepsi max, since it is the funk I like best. Diet coke is one of my favorites too, but pepsi max win over coca cola light!

Have not been to the gym today, but thought maybe I should go for a walk with the dog. Or maybe I can ride me a ride, no no no. I can not! I hate to ride, but if you must, then you have to. Do not know what to do today either, but should probably find something funny. Maybe see a movie? Can not sit in front of pc all day and night, either.

Looking forward to Monday. Then I finally can go to the gym and work my ass off! See you, next time! Here are some videos I made Earlier today: Enjoy